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KAMAR Integration

The Sporty platform is integrated with the student management system KAMAR. If your school uses KAMAR, you can turn on this integration to use extra functionality in Sporty, including:

  1. Display the Sporty Calendar widget on your website and it will automatically update from your school calendar in KAMAR.
  2. Display the Sporty KAMAR Notices widget on your website and it will automatically update from your school Notices added in KAMAR.
  3. Most sports codes in New Zealand require colleges to use the Sporty platform to register players into the national database for each sport. The KAMAR integration allows colleges to automatically see your school roll in the Sporty Team Builder utility, making it easy to register players with the official sports organisation without needing to manually fill out fields of data already known to KAMAR.
  4. Most sports in New Zealand require colleges to use Sporty Team Builder to enter teams into college competitions each year. The KAMAR integration lets colleges drag & drop students into teams to automatically create team lists for college competitions.
  5. Many sports require colleges to submit a player photo for team sheets in the Sporty platform. The KAMAR integration enables colleges to automatically use student photos from KAMAR without needing to take fresh photos or manually upload photo files.

Steps to enable KAMAR integration:

1. Email with details of your school name and Sporty web address eg.

2. Sporty support will provide you with a password for your school.

3. Enable KAMAR to talk to Sporty by following these steps in KAMAR:

  • From main menu > Setup > KAMAR > Server > Directory Services.
  • Click the New Service button and then click the Create button.


  • Enter the following into the New Service settings:

    Port: 443
    Use SSL: tick
    Format: XML
    Username: sportsground
    Password: [use the password that Sporty support provided you]


  • Now tick the check-box beside the Check and Enable button, then click the button.


  • After a few seconds KAMAR will confirm your connection to Sporty.


  •  Check-boxes should now be available to you. Tick the check-boxes for:

    Students - Details
    Students - Photos
    Teams/Groups - All Groups
    Subject Details


Note that when you tick the checkbox for Photos, you will also need to tick the checkbox in the pop-up message to Include Photos.


  • Now click the Send Full Update button.


Note: The update process may take some time to complete before you see anything happening. This is the end of the process to configure your instance of KAMAR.


KAMAR Calendar and/or Notices

Login to your website on the Sporty platform and go to the page on your website where you wish to display your KAMAR Calendar or Notices, then click ADD CONTENT and select the widget from the list. 

Example of KAMAR Notices displayed in a website on the Sporty platform:



Example of a KAMAR Calendar displayed in a website on the Sporty platform:

Calendar.png The height of the widget can be adjusted by clicking on the settings cog.



TeamBuilder connection

Once your KAMAR connection has been enabled, it may take up to 24 hours before your student details become visible to you in TeamBuilder when you click on the ROLL tab (top left).

You can then drag & drop students from the roll list on the left into teams on the right and this will automatically create their registration records in Sporty for you against the registration form/database associated with those teams. Note that the student details available from KAMAR are First name, Last name, Email, Date of Birth, Gender, Phone number, Photo, Primary Ethnicity, Secondary Ethnicity, Parent 1 First Name/Last Name/Email/Phone/Address, Parent 2 First Name/Last Name/Email/Phone/Address, Next of kin FirstName/LastName/Phone.

Note: If your registration form has additional question fields for data that is not known to KAMAR, the system will present a registration form with the known details pre-filled and the unknown fields left blank, so you simply need to complete the missing details for the record.




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