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KAMAR Integration

Sporty is integrated with the student management system KAMAR.

If your school uses KAMAR, it is possible to view student details in TeamBuilder. You are then able to drag and drop student details into a team in TeamBuilder which helps streamline the registration process.

The student details available from KAMAR are First name, Last name, Email, Date of Birth, Gender and Phone number. 

Steps to enable KAMAR integration:

1. Email with details of your school name and Sporty web address eg.

2. Sporty support will provide you with a password for your school.

3. Enable KAMAR to talk to Sporty by following these steps in KAMAR:

  • From main menu > Setup > KAMAR > Server > Directory Services.
  • Click the New Service button and then click the Create button.


  • Enter the following into the New Service settings:

    Port: 80
    Format: XML
    Username: [leave blank]
    Password: [use the password that Sporty support provided you]

  • Now click the Check and Enable button. After a few seconds KAMAR will confirm your connection to Sporty and tick-boxes should appear.
  • Tick the check-boxes for:

    Students - Details
    Students - Photos
    Teams/Groups - All Groups
    Subject Details

  • Now click the Send Full Update button.


4. It may take up to 24 hours for your student details to become visible in TeamBuilder when you click on the ROLL tab. You can then Drag & Drop students into teams and this will create their records in Sporty for you.




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