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Link to Anchor in Text Widget

IMPORTANT: THIS IS FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY. Please do not use this if you are unsure or not have an understanding of HTML.

There is the ability to create anchors within the text widget. This is only when the text you are anchoring to is contained within the same text widget

Here are the steps:

1. Select the text that you want to convert to an anchor, e.g. “Old Boys”.

2. Click on the link icon from the tool bar and select 'Link to an anchor in the text'. 



3. As a Link Type, select 'Link to anchor in the text' to create an empty link.


4. Next, click on the source code icon.


5. This opens the source code. There will be an anchor-container around “Old Boys” that will appear similar to “<a href=”#”>Old Boys</a>”.


Choose a unique name, e.g. “Our Clubs_Old Boys” and type this after the # symbol.

For example, “<a href=”#Our Clubs_Old Boys”>Old Boys</a>”.

In the Source, search for the destination paragraph. For example, we wanted to link to “Old Boys” when clicked, so we will search for “Old Boys” using ctrl+F. Now we look for the first <p> tag before it and paste the id with the same name that we chose earlier. So the code would now appear as <p id=” Our Clubs_Old Boys”>



When finished, click Save. You can now use anchors within the text widget.

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