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PhotoCard Digital ID Cards

PhotoCard Digital ID cards provide a cost-effective way for people to prove their membership. Members can display a photo identification card directly from their phone. Once saved, they just tap an icon on their phone to display their PhotoCard ID. It even works when the phone doesn’t have a data plan or isn't connected to the internet. To learn more, visit

For the public: How to display your own PhotoCard

If your sports club, association or school has allocated you with a PhotoCard Digital ID you can access your PhotoCard through the mobile app for your organisation. So the first step is to install the mobile app on your phone if you don't already have it.

Link to the Sporty NZ app on Google Play (for Android phones)

Link to the Sporty NZ app in the App Store (for Apple phones)

Once you've installed the mobile app on your phone, set it to the name of your organisation (you only need to do this once). You should see your organisation logo. If your organisation subscribes to PhotoCards, then a PhotoCard button will be visible:


Tap the PhotoCard button and enter your name and date of birth as they would appear on your membership registration record with your organisation, then tap Search.


Your PhotoCard should appear. If it does not appear, then check with your sports club, association or school that they have enabled a PhotoCard for you, and that the name and date of birth they have for your membership record is the same as the details you enter into the search fields. Note that you only need to do this once each year. From then onwards, the mobile app will remember your PhotoCard and automatically display it whenever you tap the PhotoCard button.


Note: If you wish to return to the home screen of the mobile app or clear the PhotoCard from your phone, then tap the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen to display a menus that enables these options:


See the following video guide:


For administrators: How to set up PhotoCards for your members

Administrators at sports clubs, associations and schools control who gets a PhotoCard. The first step is to ensure that your organisation subscribes to PhotoCards from

Then you can turn on any of the online registration databases in your dashboard to enable PhotoCards for all or any people within that database. For example, clubs would typically turn on PhotoCards for their player registration database for the current season, and the would typically create an online registration form for general members such as parents and supporters.

To turn on a form/database for PhotoCards, login to Sporty and go to your Dashboard, then click the Online Registrations tile:


Then click the pencil button beside the form/database you want to enable for PhotoCards:


Then click the orange Advanced Options button to expose these options and tick the Allow PhotoCard checkbox and the Save the form:


IMPORTANT: For PhotoCards to work, the form should have the Date of Birth field and the Photo field included on the form.

Note that once you have enabled PhotoCards for a form, then you can also manually turn PhotoCards on or off for people within the database associated with that form. To do this, click the name of the form from the Online Registrations area to view the people in that database. You can tick or untick the checkbox to the right of a person's name to enable or disable their PhotoCard:


Your PhotoCards automatically format with your organisation name and logo. It includes each person's name, date of birth, and photo as they appear in the database that you have enabled for PhotoCards. Each PhotoCard includes a unique bar code for each person that is a machine readable version of their registration transaction number (eg SP2397199 in the example above).

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