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What are Notices (and how are they different to news articles)?

The Notices widget appears outwardly similar to the Text widget. However, the Notices widget has a few specific functionalities which include:

  • People are able to opt in to receive emails sent from this widget and/or your eNewsletter facility.
  • You can add or delete email addresses from the list of people who have opted in to receive emails.
  • You can send short messages via email to people who opt in through the widget.
  • You can send push notifications to people who have installed your mobile app.

Differences between notices and news articles:

  • Notices are placed in a single text area - you delete your last notice when you're ready to send a new one, whereas News Articles are archived forever.
  • Notices are emailed to people who have opted in via your Notices widget, whereas news articles are not emailed out unless you send an eNewsletter.
  • Notices are also sent as push notifications to anyone who has your Mobile App as described in this support article.

The Notices widget is most commonly displayed on the home page of your website. Visitors to your site can opt-in to be emailed whenever you send a Notice. They do this by clicking the Email me notices link and entering their email address:


For instructions on how to send notices, please see this support article.

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