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Contacts List Widget

To get started, click + ADD CONTENT.

Select the Contact List widget from the Widget menu.

Click the Add Contact button to get started.

Here you can input the contacts name, designation, phone number, and email address.

Once saved, the contact will be displayed. If multiple contacts are added they will be displayed in a list.

Note: when people view the Contact List widget, by default your email address is set to be hidden and only displays to the public as an email envelope button. This is to protect your privacy since you may be using a personal email address rather than a generic address. When someone clicks on the email envelope button, it opens a contact dialogue box for them to complete. This enables people to send you an email without exposing your email address to them. The main reasons that people wish to keep their email addresses private are (a) to prevent your email address from being harvested by people who send bulk spam emails or (b) to prevent people from using your email address to contact you (or send emails to other people that pretend to be from you) in an attempt to perpetrate an email scam.

However, if you are happy to display your email address you can tick the checkbox to 'Show Email'.

To edit the Contact List widget at a later stage, simply click into the settings cog of the widget, then click the pencil icon beside a persons name to edit their details.

For more help view the video below:

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