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Sponsor Slideshow Widget

To get started, click + ADD CONTENT.

Select the Sponsor Slideshow widget from the Widget menu.

Click + Add Sponsors.

Then, if you have yet to create any sponsors, click Manage Sponsors.

From here it's easy to create a sponsor with a name, logo, and URL. Click the Save icon in the top right-hand corner when finished.

Once you are back to the main section of the pop-up box, click + Add Sponsors.

Select the sponsors you wish to display.

Your selected sponsor(s) will now appear. For greater customisation options check the Layout and Display tabs. When finished, click Save.

Your Sponsor Slideshow will now display on your site. Clicking on the sponsor logos will open their website (if a URL has been set for them in the settings).


For more help, please view the below video:

Note: an enhancement released since the video tutorial was created is the option to Scale sponsors logos. Select this option from the Display tab of the widget. 

This will scale your sponsors logos to fit neatly within the widget position without scrolling. 

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