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Updating your competition in SKED in response to COVID-19 postponements

We are aware that community action is being taken to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of these actions is the postponement of community sport.

It is great to see the communications from governing bodies to your communities about these changes. We thought it might be helpful to remind you of ways in which SKED and Sporty can be used to manage the changing competition draws.

1. First, change the status of all fixtures during the postponed period to “Postponed”. This can be easily done in SKED Draws and Results by setting the date filters then clicking Bulk Edit to set the fixture status as POSTPONED. Doing this will automatically update your website widget to show that the fixtures have been postponed.  If you are using AppointMe an email notification will be sent to any officials who have been appointed and notified of an upcoming fixture that they are no longer appointed to these fixtures.

You can also send a push notification to all users of the Sporty App (or your own custom Sporty App) notifying them of the postponements.  Click on the bell icon to generate a push notification.   If you are using the Sporty Game Day App, you can also tailor a push notification to Team Admins and Scorers of specific grades and sections or to all administrators for the whole competition.

The Sporty enewsletter facility can also be used to make contact with all registrants, simply paste the email addresses from your consolidated report into the “Custom list” field to send a mass email communication. 

2.  A decision will be made in the next few weeks within your organisation about how to proceed with the season when the social distancing recommendations are modified.  Considerations may be to:

  • extend the season
  • play “catch up” or double header games later in the season
  • reduce the number of fixtures so teams do not complete a full round robin and cancel the fixtures that could not be played
  • modify the draw into pools or sections to reduce the duration of a round robin and then implement cross-over fixtures between pools/sections

In all cases, once the status of a fixture is changed, all referee appointments made in AppointMe will need to be re-assigned if the fixture is then played.


If the entire season is simply going to move forward a few weeks, then each round in the draw can be re-dated. This would mean than any manual editing you had previously applied to the draw would be retained, avoiding the need to recreate the draws from scratch.

First, click Added at the bottom of the section, then click the edit icon next to the fixture.

Change the date of the fixture. Click the save icon to save the changes and lock the draw back into the calendar for publication. Continue this process of editing and saving each fixture as required. 


This can be achieved in two ways. 

1.  Edit the date of each fixture in its original round as detailed above to move it to the date/time when the catch-up game will be played.  We recommend keeping the full draw or venue view open on another screen to determine when the best opportunity for the make up game might be.

2. Add an additional fixture to each round for the make-up game required to be played, and cancel the original games. To achieve this, click the + icon next to each round and a BYE v BYE fixture will appear at the bottom of the round. Select the teams that will be playing, then click the Save icon.  

When all double-headers have been added as new fixtures, go to the Draw's and Results tab. Filter fixtures to the "postponed" period, then use bulk edit to set the fixture status to CANCELLED.  You can add a note to the fixtures if you like eg: rescheduled for X date.


If you decide to restructure your competition to accommodate for a shorter season, this can be achieved in two ways. 

1. Leave your draw as it is, and simply cancel the postponed fixtures, using the steps listed above.

2. Regenerate a new draw with new dates.  First remove the surplus dates from the phase settings.  Now, remove the draw from the calendar and regenerate the draw.  A new round robin will be created which will result in all teams not playing each other.

You may decide to provide the teams points for the fixtures that could not be played (eg 2 points each, or equivalent of a "draw").  This can be applied as a manual adjustment.


If a full round robin cannot be played, but you want to provide all teams with equal opportunity to make finals, depending on your draw, you may be able to achieve this by splitting your pool into two sections, and having each section play a complete round robin within thier section.  You can then add a Crossover phase to have the teams from each section playoff to determine who proceeds to finals.  For example, an 12 team draw that takes 11 weeks could be split into two pools of 6 that play for 5 weeks.  You can then use crossover or playoff stages to progress teams from thier respective pools based on the weeks you have available to play in. 

For further assistance to support your specific use case, please contact 

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