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Add different coloured events to your Google Calendar

When adding an event to a Google Calendar, It is common to want to categorise these events so they can be easily distinguished. 

A common example of this is a sports club that contains both junior and senior teams.

If a Google Calendar is embedded on your Sporty website, It is important to make it as easy to understand the date and times of specific events. An easy way for a club to categorise events is by having different colours, separating them from other events.

If you do not currently use Google Calendars and would like to learn how. View the following tutorials from Google:

 Once you created a Google account for your particular club, visit



There are two ways to create an event:

1.  Click the "Create" button in the top left-hand side of the calendar.


2. Simply click on the calendar on your screen on the date you wish to create the date for.

This will prompt an event box to pop up, this is where you can add details about the event, things like: 

  • Event Title
  • Date & Time
  • Location
  • Description

Once you have entered in those details, you can then move onto adding a colour to the event.

Click More options on the event pop up.


Here you are able to make any changes that you would like to correct that you may have previously added. 

Towards the middle of the page, you will notice a default blue dot. This is what the current colour of the event box will look like if you choose not to change the colour. If you are wanting to choose another colour, select the drop-down next to the blue dot. This will display a series of colours that you may choose from. 




Once you have chosen the colour you would like and you are happy with the event details. Click the Save button.

This event will now display on your Google Calendar.




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