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TeamBuilder™ - closing dates

A SuperForm™ is an online form that has been created for a organising body such as a national or regional sports organisation, such as a softball association or a netball centre. The form is then shared with each of the clubs/schools affiliated with the organising body. Clubs/schools can login to Sporty and add their own question fields to their local version of the form, then use it for their players to sign-up or renew to participate each season.

TeamBuilder™ provides an alternative view to see all people registered against an online form or SuperForm™. The list of people who have registered appears on the left, while on the right are sections separated per grade for each club/school to add teams. Once a team has been added, the club/school can drag & drop people from the list into a team. For more information on TeamBuilder™, please click here.

The organising body automatically receives a consolidated report of (a) all people registered against each form for every club/school, and (b) all the teams added to each grade by clubs/schools using their TeamBuilder™.

Organising bodies such as Rugby Unions and Netball Centres decide what date they wish to organise the draw for their competition each season. This date may vary per grade. Beyond this date, organising bodies need to prevent clubs/schools from adding/changing/deleting teams online, since this would change the draw each time. Instead, governing bodies prefer to set a closing date for entries, beyond which date their clubs/schools must contact the organising body off-line to request a change.

TeamBuilder™ supports the ability to set separate closing dates per grade for Team Entry and for Team Building. The closing date for Team Entry prevents clubs/schools from adding or changing teams within TeamBuilder™ after this date. The closing date for Team Building prevents clubs/schools from dragging & dropping people into teams after that date.

If the organising body uses the SKED™ competition management system for its draws & results, then it can set and modify these closing dates directly. Please see this support article

Organising bodies that use SuperForms™ but do not yet use SKED™ can ask the Sporty Support team to set their closing dates for them.

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