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Minimum/Maximum roles

In TeamBuilder a minimum or maximum number can be set per role. For example, there may be a minimum requirement set that each team must have at least one coach added per team. If this minimum requirement is not met the team will display in red in TeamBuilder.

1. Minimum Roles requirement not met

After you have dragged & dropped your members into a team, if the min/max requirements are not met the team will be highlighted in red. 

To view the min/max roles required in a team, click the team icon to open the team, and then click  Min/Max Roles to view the required roles in order for this team to be deemed "complete".

When the team has met the correct minimum roles required, the team icon will turn green to indicate the team is ''complete''.

2. Maximum roles requirement limit reached

Once the maximum number of players have been added to the team, a notification will pop up confirming “The maximum number of this role for this team has been reached. Role’s will be removed from this registrant and will need to be added manually.”

Click Confirm to add more people to the team (and remove their current role) or click Cancel to prevent the player from being added. You may want to click confirm in order to change the registrants role from "Player" to "Coach".

If you have clicked confirm to move a registrant into a team with no role, you should then click the team icon to display the list of registrants in the team. You will see the added registrant will have no role next to their name. To add a role for a registrant click + under role(s) to display the role options available. Tick the role then click Save.

When the team has met the correct maximum roles required, the team icon will turn green.



3. SKED - for competition management

If you are using SKED for competition management, you can also view whether your teams have met the min/max roles set.

When the min/max roles set for a team have not been met a red exclamation mark will be displayed in the top right corner of the team icon. Once the team has met the min/max roles required the exclamation ! will disappear. This serves as a visual reference to the competition administrator to allow them to decide if the team will be included in the draw.


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