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Adding a Mega Menu to Your Site

A Mega Menu is an extension of your site's menu, and will display a large panel of content below a menu item when the user clicks or hovers over that menu item. A mega menu provides a better user interface when you have many sub-menu items, as it will reveal all lower-level pages at a glance.


To enable a Mega Menu only our site, click the pencil icon displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of your menu. 


Then select Menu Style.


Check the box for Display Mega Menu. The content bar displaying the sub-menu pages will inherit the Hover Colour and the Text Colour set for your menu. 


When finished, click Save.

You can further customise your Mega Menu by adding an image to the sub-menu bar. Hover over the main menu item to invoke the Mega Menu, then click + Add Image. Select an image, then click Save.

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