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Recently Released Features

Here are some of our recent enhancements to the website platform:

* Photo Slideshow Enhancements: You can now optimise the user experience by setting images specifically for display on mobile devices, adding linked button overlays, adding text overlays, progress slides and more. See

* Site Footer Enhancements: Like other sections, site footers now have full support for all widgets, and can be managed directly from the bottom of your page instead of having to navigate through the Site Settings area. See

* Button Enhancements: You can now alter your default button appearance, with styles including rounded corners and borders. These settings will persist to your News Carousel and Photo Slideshow widgets. See

* New Section Layout Option: You can now set a section to be 3 columns wide with the middle section being wider than the others. See

* Addition of HTML Source Code to Text Widget: This new button on the Text widget toolbar allows you to directly edit the HTML of any text area. See

* Border Margins:

* Fluid Widget:


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