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Adding HTML to your Site

You may wish to add a snippet of HTML code to the head or body of the pages on your website. Sporty supports the ability to insert code within the head section and/or directly before the closing body tag of your site.

To enable this feature, please contact to describe what you wish to achieve by inserting HTML into your site e.g. "We want to use Google Tag Manager to track click events". A member of our support team may contact you to discuss your request prior to enabling this feature for your site. The reason for this process is that you need to have a reasonable level of technical understanding of HTML, since poorly inserted code can negatively impact your website. If you do insert HTML code that damages your site, it could take some time before we can schedule one of our developers to fix it for you and this remedial work will attract a fee.

If you are experienced with HTML and this functionality has been enabled for you, you can login to your Sporty website and click Site Settings, then select SEO & Analytics.


You can now add desired content into the HTML for Head Section and HTML for Body Section input boxes, then click Save.







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