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Can I display Draws & Results from the Sporty platform into a website from a different supplier?

Sporty provides a website for every school, sports association and club in New Zealand. Sporty also provides 'SKED' - the competition management software used by most sports codes in New Zealand to generate their Draws, Results & Standings tables.

If your competition manager uses SKED and you have a website on the Sporty platform, it's easy for you to automatically display the Draws, Results and Standings relating to your own teams. See this support article for simple instructions.

If you are not using Sporty as your main website, you can still use your Sporty website to display your Draws, Results & Standings. Then simply link to your Sporty page from your main website.

If your Draws, Results & Standings come from the Sporty platform but you want to embed them into a non-Sporty website, this is still possible if you engage a website developer to integrate your website with Sporty by using the GetFixtures API endpoint we provide. This method attracts a setup fee and an ongoing API serving fee from Sporty. You will also need to separately pay fees to whichever web software developer you engage.

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