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Setup a Facebook Pixel on your Sporty site

Facebook offers an analytical tool called the Facebook Pixel which allows you to measure people's actions on your website. This works by placing the Facebook Pixel in your website meta data, and when an action is taken on your site, the pixel is triggered and reports the action to Facebook.

To use Facebook Pixels, you need a Facebook account and you need to be using Facebook ads.

To set up a Facebook Pixel:

1. Go to Facebook and follow the instructions to set up the Facebook Pixel in Events Manager.

2. Once you have created your Facebook Pixel, you will be taken to the Set up your Pixel option box. Click cancel to close it.

3. In the top left is the Pixel ID. Hover your mouse over it and click Copy Text to Clipboard.

4. Go to your Sporty site and login. 

5. Click on Site Settings and under Browser Settings click SEO & Analytics

6. Paste your Facebook Pixel ID into the box and click Save.

7. Return to your Facebook Events Manager page, and refresh the page if necessary. The Facebook Pixel will be activated, and you can start analysing activity. 


For more information on the Facebook Pixel, and how it works, please see Facebook's related Help article.


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