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Image folder enhancements

JUNE 2018 - The structure of the image folders has changed and a number of enhancements introduced, including:

  • Image folders can be renamed. Previously folders were in years.
  • Sub-folders can be moved. For example, you can move a folder from 2016 to 2018.
  • A folder can be deleted. Previously only a sub-folder could be deleted.
  • A folder can be created. Previously the folder was set as a year and only a sub-folder could be added to that year.
  • An individual image can be dragged and dropped into a different sub-folder.

Image folders now appear in alphabetical order. Click on the folder name to expand and view the sub-folders.


You can now rename and delete an existing folder (previously you were only able to delete a sub-folder). Click the pencil icon beside the folder name to display the options.

Be careful when deleting folders. When you delete a folder it will also delete all sub-folders within that folder.



To drag and drop an image between folders, click on the image you wish to move, drag the image into the sub-folder you wish to move it into - you will see the folder highlight - then release. There will be a slight pause and the image will have moved folders.


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