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The Exclusion List

From time to time you may get newsletter recipients asking you why they don't receive your emails. Here is what to do to ensure they have the best chance of getting them:

  1. Do you have their email address correct? Check, and if it is not right then enter their correct address into the system
  2. Ask them to check their promotions tab on Gmail/junk mail/spam folders. On occasion, an email can end up in there. If the email is in the wrong folder, moving it to the inbox helps to train the email client where to send it next time. They can also add you as a safe sender or to their contacts to help prevent this recurring.

If these still don't solve the problem then it is likely that they have ended up on the exclusion list. This list blocks us sending emails to addresses on the exclusion list for two reasons:

  1. They have unsubscribed before 
  2. The club has excluded them from receiving emails
  3. Their email has bounced back to us or has otherwise been undeliverable on more than one occasion

Viewing your exclusion list

  1. Login to your Sporty Admin
  2. Click on Dashboard in the top left
  3. Click on News and Newsletters


Click on the exclusion list to see which email addresses have been excluded from Club Newsletters.


From there you can add or remove members from the exclusion list. Anyone removed from the exclusion list will receive emails going forward.

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