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Allocate a person to more than one team (Superforms only)

In TeamBuilder, it's possible to allocate a person to more than one team. For example, a person may be a player in A Team and a coach in B Team. Or, if your rules allow it, they may play for one team in one grade and another team in another grade. 

Step 1. Firstly, drag and drop the person from the player list on the left into a team (eg A Team) on the right hand side. It will update their record on the left to show they are in that team and it will set the grade on their record to be the grade of that team.



Step 2. Drag and drop the person from the left hand side into their second team (eg B Team). When you do this, a pop-up will appear 'Move Player?' asking whether you want to MOVE the player from the existing team to the new team, or ADD them to the new team as well as remaining in the existing team. Click the 'Add' button and they will appear in both teams.

The person's record will now appear in italics in TeamBuilder - indicating that there is more than one record for the same person (to allow them to appear in more than one team). Note: they will still only appear ONCE in your database view from Online Registrations tile of your Sporty dashboard.


Step 3 (optional). If your form includes Roles, you may want to take the opportunity to set the role for the person. Do this by clicking the Team to open it, then click on the green '+' symbol beside the person's name to edit their Role as below. Press Save when complete.



Note: this functionality is not available for NZ Rugby organisations. Please see the admin user guide at that explains how to allocate a coach or admin to a team.

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