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How to display football fixtures on your website

Clubs and schools that participate in competitions affiliated with NZ Football can now display the official draws and results on your own website using the Draws & Results: NZ Football (COMET) widget from the Sporty platform.

This is especially easy is you are using a website on the Sporty platform or for schools using the College Sports Portal solution from Sportsground. If your website is not built on the Sporty platform, you can still use Sporty to display your own draws & results and then simply embed this into your own website by using the iFrame method. Your website provider will be able to help you with this if you are unsure. Either way, the starting point is to display the COMET widget with your own settings on the Sporty platform. 

To do this, login to the site that is reserved for every club and school in New Zealand through Go to a page where you'd like your draws & results to display and click ADD CONTENT, then select the Draws & Results: NZ Football (COMET) item from the list.

Select the sport of Football, the Season and your Federation. This will display the draws from your Federation.

You can customise the widget further to display only draws/results for your own organisation or for specific grades by selecting from the drop down list settings. For example, if you want to display only fixtures for your club or school, click the drop-down arrow in the Organisation filter. All organisations will be selected by default. Use the 'Select all' checkbox to deselect all organisations. Then find your club/school within the list and tick the checkbox to turn it on. When you save the widget you will see only your club/school draws displayed.

Please note: when you are selecting the Grades, Competition and Organisation it can take a little time to pull through the options.





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