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How to display draws on your website

If you are a rugby, netball, softball or hockey organisation, display your club/school specific draws on your website via the Draws & Results: Rugby, Netball, Softball, Hockey (2018 onwards) widget.

Note: Football organisations do not use this widget to display football draws. Please see

 To add the draw, go to a page and click ADD CONTENT. Select the Draws & Results: Rugby, Netball, Softball, Hockey (2018 onwards) widget.


Firstly select your Sport and Season. This will then display any competitions your club/school is part of. 

You can tailor the widget to display only specific grades and competitions by selecting from the drop down lists.

If you want to display only your club/school draws, click on the drop down arrow in the Organisation button. All organisations will be selected by default. Click the 'Select all' checkbox twice to deselect all organisations. Then find your club/school on the list and tick the checkbox. When you save the widget you will see only your club/school draws displayed.


The widget will then display on a page with only your organisations games.

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