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Make a "Back to Top" button

You can create a button or link that sends the user back to the top of the page.  This is particularly useful for pages with lots of content, and also makes life easier for those viewing on mobile phones.

To create a "Back to Top" button, simply set the link to #top.

Using the text widget:

  1. In a text widget, type the text that you want to appear, such as "Top" or "Back to Top"
  2. Highlight this text
  3. Click the link button, and in the URL field, type #top
  4. Click OK


Using a button widget:

  1. Add a button widget
  2. In the Button Text field, type the text you want to appear, such as "Top" or "Back to Top"
  3. Under Link, click on Website URL
  4. Insert #top into the text field
  5. Click Save


Now, when you visit your page in view mode, clicking your link or button will make the page jump back to the top.

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