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Edit, hide, move or delete a news article

For instructions on how to create a news article, click here.

To edit, hide, move or delete an existing news article, either click Site Settings > News or go to your Dashboard and click the News & eNewsletters tile. Either method opens the News article management area. 

To edit a news article, click on the cog icon in the top right hand corner of the article you want to edit.

Here you can change the title, content, style image and category of your article.

To delete an article, click on the trash can icon in the top right hand corner beside the article you want to delete. Be careful - you cannot undo the delete.

You can also hide an article by clicking the eye icon (this will change the colour behind the article to a light grey to indicate that it is hidden and will not appear in any website widgets. To unhide (show) a hidden article, simply click the eye icon again.

To move an article to rearrange the order it appears in, use the drag-handle icon (4-way arrows) to drag & drop the article into a different position relative to the other articles in the list.


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