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Sporty or Sporty site or new site refers to the new websites on the new Sporty platform released last year.

Sportsground or Sportsground site or old site refers to legacy Sportsground websites using the old platform.

Sportsground and Schoolground are synonymous. Any reference to Sportsground includes Schoolground.

Content Transfer or Content Transfer Tool refers to the tool used to copy your website and database data from your Sportsground site to your Sporty site.

What is the Content Transfer tool?

The Content Transfer tool makes it easy to copy data from your Sportsground site to your new Sporty site. All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions. See our step by step guide on How to Use the Content Transfer Tool to get started (coming soon).

What will get copied?

  • Your web pages, including your menu and sub-pages (tabs on Sportsground).
  • Your text and images on your web pages.
  • Your documents.
  • Your news articles.
  • Any local registration forms and their associated data.
  • Admin users added in Sportsground before September 2015.

What will not get copied?

  • Image slideshows.
  • iFrames (embedded content such as Google calendars, Facebook feed, external sites or documents).

Will I still be able to log into my old Sportsground site?


Will existing content on my Sporty site be replaced?


The Content Transfer tool will REPLACE any content you have added to your Sporty site with content from your Sportsground site. This includes any documents and images you have uploaded and information added to any pages.

The only exception is online registration forms and databases. Any existing registration forms and their data on your Sporty site will remain and the forms you have transferred from your Sportsground site will be added to the list.

What if my site has more than one administrator?

You can see if your Sportsground site has more than one administrator by going into Advanced > Manage login access. Any administrator has the ability to invoke the content transfer. You should contact the other administrators to confirm which administrator will do the content transfer if you are unsure.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the number of sites in the queue to be transferred. When the tool is triggered you will be notified of the estimated time.

How will I know when my Content Transfer has been completed?

When the transfer is in progress, a message will display on your website saying your website is temporarily unavailable. Your website will become accessible again when the Content Transfer has been completed.

The website administrator who began the Content Transfer will receive an email upon completion.

Can I copy content more than once?

You may use the Content Transfer tool as many times as you like. Be aware that any content on your Sporty site will be replaced and overridden by the Content Transfer, excluding registration forms. Registration forms and their data will remain on the website.

What if my content doesn’t copy correctly?

If something doesn’t appear correctly, check the Troubleshooting FAQs. If you still have problems, contact us by email: or by phone: 0900 777 876.

How do I stop people visiting my old website once my content has been copied?

Please contact and we will set an auto redirect. This means anyone going to your site at will now automatically be redirected to

Important: if you have your own domain name (www address) associated with website on Sportsground this needs to be redirected to your new Sporty site. Please contact and we will send you instructions on how to do this. If you need some help with this please contact us to sort this out for you.


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