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Content Transfer Troubleshooting FAQ

What if my organisation name covers my header image?

This can easily be removed in the header settings.  Go to Site Settings > Header.  Click on the Title tab, and uncheck Show Title.  See Figure 1 below for an example.


Figure 1: Organisation title overlaid on header image - this is easily removed


What if my page names are wrong?

Pages with apostrophes or unusual characters may not be copied correctly - some characters may be missing or replaced. In this case you can just rename the page in Sporty.

Tabs on Sportsground are transferred to subpages on Sporty. Note that menu items with only one subpage will collapse to just the one page and will take the subpage name. Therefore if you had a page with one tab visible on Sportsground, the page will then take the name of the tab on Sporty.

Figure 3: How Tabs in Sportsground transfer to Subpages in Sporty.


What if my links are linking to my old website?

In some circumstances your hyperlinks may be linking to your old website rather than your new Sporty one. In this case you will need to update the hyperlinks.

This can easily be done within the text widget by double-clicking on the link to bring up the link dialogue box, and pasting the new link in place of the old one.  Figure 2 shows the link dialogue box, and where to paste your new links.


Figure 2: Link dialogue box


Where are my News Articles?

News articles are also copied across as part of the content transfer. You can manage them by clicking on Site Settings > News. To display them on your website, add the Newsfeed widget to a page. You can select how many articles to display, and whether to include image thumbnails or text snippets.


What if I can't find my website on a Google search?

Google’s search engine “crawls” the Internet on a periodic basis, finding and indexing new sites into its search database. Sites are “ranked” based on numerous factors, such as the amount of traffic the site attracts, how many links are linking to that site, and as of April 2015, whether or not the site is responsive to mobile devices. When someone performs a Google search, the highest ranked sites relating to the search keywords are returned on the first page of results.

It will take time for your site to appear high in Google searches. Over time, as your website grows in viewers and content, it will appear higher up the search results.


How do I stop people visiting my old website?

Please contact and we will set an auto redirect. This means anyone going to your site at will now automatically be redirected to

Important: if you have your own domain name (www address) associated with website on Sportsground this needs to be redirected to your new Sporty site. Please contact and we will send you instructions on how to do this. If you need some help with this please contact us to sort this out for you.


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