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TeamBuilder™ allows you to create teams and drag-and-drop players into them.  This article will show how to create a team, add some players, and view the team's subsite.

Note that to create Teams, you must have at least one grade within your form.  These are easily set up in the form editor.

How to set up grades

Setting up the team:

From the Dashboard, click on TeamBuilder™.

Click on the competition you are creating a Team or Teams for.

All of the registrants are listed on the left side of the screen.  The grades are the black bars on the right.  Each grade has a small button, to add a Team.  Click the ADD TEAM button in the grade you wish to add the Team for.

The Add Team dialogue box will appear.  Here, enter your Team name.  The grade will automatically be populated.

Click the Add Team button.  Then click Save and Close.

The Team has now been created, and players can now be added to it.

A subsite is also automatically generated for the team.  The URL is determined by the Team Web Address - it will be or  A  teamwebaddress has been automatically populated, but you can change this by clicking into the text box and entering your preferred URL.

The Team Site will be listed with the other subsites in Manage Websites > Update Subsites. To see what you can do with your team subsite, click the "What's this" link from within your team or click here.


Adding players:

To add a player, simply hover over them, and drag-and-drop them into the Team.

To view the players in a Team, click on the Team.  Here you can also add and remove players from the Team list.  Click the X at the top of the Team window to close it.

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