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How to create private password-protected (members only) pages


Sporty has a feature that allows you to create private pages that members can access via a common password.  This is a premium feature, you will need to contact OR for us to enable this for you.

From the Website Builder, if you haven't already set up pages you want to make private, set up your page(s) normally (See: How to Add Pages to your website).

To make the page(s) private, click on the pencil icon of that page in the menu, and click Private.  A small padlock icon will appear next to the pages you have made private.

Clicking View at the top of the page will open the website in view mode in a new tab - the view non-logged in users will see.  Note that the private pages do not appear!

Go back to the site-editing tab in your browser.  We will now set up password access for the private pages.

Click Site Settings, then Members Password.

Enter a password, and click Save.

To see the effect, log out of Sporty by clicking on your username at the top of the screen, and clicking Log Out.

Go to your website - enter your URL into the address bar and press enter.  Note that the private pages do not appear.

At the very bottom of the screen, a new link will show up, called Members.

Click on Members.

Enter the password, and click Login.

The private pages will now be visible!

Click Members Logout at the bottom of the screen to log out.


How to change the password

To change the password, simply go to Site Settings > Members Password.  Change the password and click Save.


What's the difference between Hidden Pages and Private Pages?

You may have noticed that there is an option to hide pages (see How to hide pages), as well as make pages private, as we have done in this article.

Hidden pages

Making pages hidden will hide pages in view mode - that is, viewing the site in a logged out state will not show the pages.  Site admins that log into the site will be able to view and edit the pages.

Hidden pages are useful for uncompleted pages, that can be unhidden when they are complete.  They can also be useful for seasonal info - pages that don't need to be viewable all year round.

Private pages

Private pages, as we have created in this article, are intended for select people to view WHO ARE NOT SITE ADMINISTRATORS.  These people will most likely not be part of your organisation, yet you need to make some private information viewable to them.

We set up a Members password, and they log in via the Members login at the bottom of the page.  This only allows them to VIEW pages set up as Private, it does not actually log them into the website builder or your Sporty itself.

An example of using private pages could be for a regional body providing information to it's members clubs that the general public don't need to see.

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