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Add grades to a form


When you create a form for players to register against, you can also set up grades.  Within grades, you can then add teams using TeamBuilder™.

Hierarchy: Form > Grades > Teams

Forms contain grades which contain teams.

To add grades to a form, we first navigate to the form editing page.  From the Dashboard, click Online Registrations, and then click the pencil icon of the form (see How to edit a form).

Click on the orange button Add Grades.



Type the grade's name into the text box, and click Add Grade.  Repeat this step until you've added all of your grades.

You'll notice once creating a few grades you can change their order by clicking the Up and Down arrows, and also remove them using the Remove button.

When you're done adding grades, click Close.

Your added grades will appear below Add Grades.  Tick the grades to activate them.



Finally, click Save Form.

Your grades have now been added, and will be available to create teams in TeamBuilder™.

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