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How to add Sponsors


You can add sponsors' logos and link them to your sponsors' websites.  These can then be displayed using the Sponsor Slideshow Widget and in eNewsletters (if you have VIP eNewsletters enabled).

To add sponsors:

Click Site Settings > Sponsors.

  1. Click Add a sponsor.
  2. A small dialogue box will appear.  Enter the sponsors' name in the top text box, and the link to their website in the bottom text box.
  3. To add the sponsor's image, click on Change logo or simply drag-and-drop the image onto the grey box.
  4. Click on the Save icon (floppy disk in green square).

You have now added a sponsor.  You can add another by clicking Add Sponsor.  When you are done, click Close.

To display sponsors on your site, use the Sponsor slideshow widget.

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