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Sending Notices and App Alerts

The Notices widget has two functions:

i) Users can subscribe via email to receive notices you add into the Notices widget.

ii) Anyone who has downloaded your mobile app will receive the notices as an alert on their phone.

Sending a Notice

To send a notice, first you must add the Notices widget to a page on your website.

To do this, go to a page on your website >  click + ADD CONTENT > then select the Notices widget from the widget list.

Type in the information you wish to send as a notice. Click Save to save the changes.


Note: this does not send the notice. You must actively follow the next steps to send the notice.


Click Send or Manage Notices.


This will bring up a Manage Notices popup display with the tabs Send Notice, History, and Scheduled.

Send Notice Tab

Within this tab the content of the notice will be displayed as a preview. As the user you can click Cancel to discard the notice, or Schedule to send it on a later time and date, or Send to send it now. 


When you click Send, a message will be displayed "Your notice has been successfully sent". 


This does two things:

i) it will send your notices to people who have subscribed via email, and,

ii) it will send as a push notification to anyone who has downloaded your mobile app. They will receive an alert.

When you are happy to send the notice, click OK.

Note: If you are trying to send a notice that has too many links or text that has too many characters, then it will not be sent as a push notification but will still be sent as an email. In such instances, you will see the message below.


History Tab

Here you can manage the history of all notices sent from your club/organisation.

On this tab, you can see the date/time of the notice(s) sent and the content it displayed.



If you want to delete a notice, simply click the rubbish bin icon (right-side of tab).

You will then be prompted to confirm deletion. To confirm deletion type the word "DELETE" into the input field. 

Then click the Delete button 


Note: This will delete that notice from everyone's mobile app.

Scheduled tab

If you want to schedule notices ahead of time of time or set recurring notices, create a notice as per normal, click on the Send or Manage Notices button, and on the Send Notices tab, click on the Schedule button.


You can then set how often the notice is sent and the date.


When you have set the schedule, click Save.



A message will display saying "Your notice has been scheduled successfully." Click on OK.



The Scheduled tab will then display the scheduled notices. You can edit the notice by clicking on the pencil icon or delete the notice by clicking on the rubbish bin icon.


View Your Notice Subscribers

To view who has subscribed to receive your Notices by email, click the Settings (cog) icon in the top right of the Notices widget.



This will display your Notice subscribers.


Note: There is only one Notices widget per website, so if you display the Notices widget on more than one page of your site, everyone who opts in to be emailed notices will join the same single database, regardless of which page they happen to opt in through. However, if you have sub-sites for teams, classes or events, each sub-site can have its own unique Notices widget with its own recipient database since sub-sites are deemed to be separate sites.

The list of people who have opted in to receive your notices is also automatically available as a recipient group for your eNewsletter. If you wish this database of people to receive your eNewsletter, simply tick the checkbox for Subscribers to notices when choosing the groups that will receive your eNewsletter. See: How to create and send an eNewsletter. You can decide whether you wish your eNewsletter to be sent to Subscribers to notices from your main website or Subscribers to notices from your subsites (or both).


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