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How to Send a Notice

The Notice widget has two functions:

i) Users can subscribe via email to receive notices you add into the Notices widget.

ii) Anyone who has downloaded your mobile app will receive the notices as an alert on their phone.

To send a notice, first you must add the Notices widget to a page on your website. To do this, go to a page on your website >  click + ADD CONTENT > then select the Notices widget from the widget list.

To send a notice:

  1. Type in the information you wish to send as a notice. Save the changes. Note: this does not send the notice. You must actively follow the next steps to send the notice.
  2. Click on the settings cog of the Notices widget. This open up a pop up window.


3. Click Send Notices button.

A message will be displayed "Your Notice has been successfully sent". This does two things i) it will send your notices to people who have subscribed via email, and, ii) it will send as a push notification to anyone who has downloaded your mobile app. They will receive an alert.

4. Click Done.

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