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Why Does my Copied and Pasted Text Look Different?

In your website, the style of your text is determined by two factors:

  1. The site-wide "global" font and colour as specified in Text under Site Settings.
  2. "Local" formatting applied to text - e.g. formatting applied to text using the Text Widget.

Remember, local formatting always takes precedence over global formatting.

Sometimes when you copy and paste text, you may find that the text formatting has also been copied across with the text.  As a result, the text does not match the rest of your site.  This is because the text has local formatting associated with it, which overrides your specified site-wide formatting.

The easiest way to get the copied-and-pasted text to match the rest of your site, is to first strip the text of any formatting associated with it.  A way to do this is to first copy and paste the text into a plain text editor such as Notepad, then copy that text and paste it into your site.

You can also use an online text editor such as

Because the new text has no formatting associated with it, the text will employ the formatting specified in the site-wide text settings, and match the rest of the page.

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