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What Are Notices (and how are they different to news articles)?

Notices can be added to your website by adding a Notices widget (see How to Add Notices to your Webage).  They are often placed on the home page and hold relatively important notices.

Users can subscribe to your notices, so that when the content in the Notices widget is changed (i.e. you remove old notices and add new ones), an email is sent out to the subscribers.

This is a great way to notify your subscribers of important information such as cancellations, postponements, venue changes etc.

Differences between notices and news articles:

  • Notices are placed in a single text area - It is up to the website administrators to delete outdated notices and replace them with new ones, while News Articles are archived in the system for all to read at any time.
  • Notices are emailed to subscribers when they are updated, whilst news are not.  News articles can be publicised by sending out an eNewsletter.
  • Notices are used to send Push Notifications to anyone who has your Mobile App as described in this support article.
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