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How to create a form


Step 1 - Creating a new Form

From the Dashboard, click Online Registrations.

Click +Add New Form to create a new form.

Step 2 - Setting up the Form

Enter the name of your Form in the Form Name field.

Do not include the year or grade in the name - these are managed separately so that grades can be added/removed, and the Form can be used and updated over multiple years/seasons, saving you a lot of time!

If you are creating the Form for a sport, select the sport from the Sport drop down list.

Next, select the season or year in the Season drop down list (optional but recommended).

Next, click Add Grades.  It is recommended to create at least one grade (even if there is only one) so that you can use TeamBuilder™ to create Teams under the grades.

Enter a name for a Grade in the text box, then click Add Grade.  Grades are used to separate age groups and levels within a form.  For example, you may have a Grade Under 12, which may have three teams - U12 Team A, U12 Team B, and U12 Team C.

When you are done adding Grades, click Close.

Step 3 - Advanced Form options

Click the Advanced Options button to view further options for your Form.  Here is an explanation of each of the options:

  • Email a copy to the registrant - ticking this option sends a copy of the completed Form to the registrant once they have submitted the Form.
  • Visible in mobile app - users can view and complete the form via the mobile app
  • Allow registrant edit - checking this option enables the registrant to edit their Form submission after it has initially been submitted.
  • From email - it is important to enter an email address here if you would like registrants to be able to reply to their Form confirmation emails.  Any replies will then be sent to this address.  By default, confirmation emails DO NOT have the ability to be replied to.
  • Email copy of registration confirmation - enter an email address here if you would like to receive a copy of all registrations
  • Start date - if you wish to enable the Form for registrations on a specific date, enter the date here using the Date-Picker.
  • End date - enter the expiry date of the Form here using the Date-Picker.
  • Next season form - only concern yourself with this if you have created the next season's form.  You can link this form to the next season's form using this option.

Click the Advanced Options buttons again to minimise the options.

Step 4 - Introductory text and terms & conditions

In the Intro Text text area, place some introductory text for the form.  This should include who should register and what they are registering for, along with any other information registrants should know before registering. You can include links to documents or other pages form within this text area.

In the Terms and Conditions text area, outline any terms and conditions necessary.  This will usually contain information such as privacy policy and adhering to the organisation code of conduct.

Step 5 - Editing the Registrant Details section

By default the first section of the form is named Registrant Details, and contains a system form fields. On all forms the fields of First Name, Last Name, and Email are mandatory. You can change the name of the section - currently it is "Registrant Details". You can also change the and the label of the form fields, for example, instead of First Name, Last Name, Email the fields could be Student first name, Student last name, Parents email.

The Registrant Details section has a list of preset fields you can select from including; Date of Birth, Address, Phone, Photo, Ethnicity and others.  Simply click on the drop-down list, select the field you wish to enter, and click the Add button.

You can set any field to be mandatory by ticking the Required checkbox.

Step 6 - Adding a section

Form fields are grouped into sections to help structure the forms.  The first section is set by default and has preset form fields.  To create your own custom form questions and fields, you must first create a new section.

To create a new section, click Add Section.  You may then name the section.

Step 7 - Adding Form fields

Click on Add Question.  Type your question into the text box that appears.  Next, choose your form field type from the drop-down-box to the right of the question.  The type you choose depends on your question.  Here is a summary of the types:

  • SingleLineText - use for small text answers.
  • MultiLineText - use for longer text answers.
  • SingleChoice - use when user can only select one option from a list.
  • MultiChoice - use when user can select multiple options from a list.
  • Yes/No - use for yes/no questions.
  • DateOfBirth - use for asking date of birth.
  • Date - use for asking for a date in the future.
  • Address - use for addresses. Designed to auto complete using Google places.
  • Email - use for email addresses. The field cannot be completed unless an email is entered
  • GradeList - use when you have Grades set up, and would like user to choose a Grade.
  • TeamList - used when you have Teams set up, and would like user to choose a Team.
  • Gender - Male/Female option
  • Document - lets the user attach a document eg. birth certificate
  • AddText - lets you add text between fields eg. as an explanation
  • Checkbox - displays a tickbox
  • Drivers license - specific field type where you must enter 2 letters followed by 6 number which is a drivers license format eg. BJ378394

Depending on what field type you choose, you may need to enter additional information, for example with SingleChoice and MultiChoice - you will need to enter the list of options.

Step 8 - Arranging sections and fields

You can always change the order of questions in your Form.  If you have multiple sections, you can drag-and-drop them into order using the Arrows button at the top of the section.

You can change the order of questions within a section by using the Arrows button connected with that question.

You can delete sections and questions by clicking on the Trash Can icon at the top of a section for a section, or next to the question for a question.

Step 9 - Saving the Form

When you are happy with your Form, click Save Form.  Clicking Cancel will cancel all changes and go back to Online Registrations.


Select a folder or create a folder to save the form in.


The Form will now show in Online Registrations  in the selected folder.

Forms can be displayed using the Online Form Widget within the Website Builder, or displaying a link to the form with the Link Icon of your form in Online Registrations.


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