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Create and send an eNewsletter (old)

IMPORTANT - this old eNewsletter facility is being retired by the end of 2020 please use the new eNewsletter facility instead see

To create an eNewsletter login and go to your Dashboard and click the News & eNewsletter tile, then click Create eNewsletter.

First, enter the subject of your eNewsletter in the Subject field and ensure the From Address is correct.

Next, choose the number of articles you wish to be included in your eNewsletter, and if applicable which news categories these articles should come from. 

You can enter additional information for your eNewsletter into the Intro text field.  Use the editor tool bar to add formatting and style your text or insert images from your Sporty Image library. 

To personalise your eNewsletter, you can select the {} button from the text editing toolbar to insert the first name merge field. If you are sending the newsletter to a Sporty database. the person's first name will appear in that location within your text area. 

Note - If you send the eNewsletter to a custom email list or to notice subscribers, the merge field will not be used.


You can preview how your eNewsletter will look by clicking Preview. When you're happy with how your eNewsletter looks, click next.  



Sending an eNewsletter

In the select recipients screen, select the groups of people you would like to receive the eNewsletter. For example, refer to this screen capture and the explanation of each group below this image: 






This lists your online registration forms/databases. Click the down arrow beside the name of a sport to see all the forms/databases relating to that sport. Tick the checkbox beside the name of a form/database to include the people in that database in your eNewsletter. Within your database, you can also specify whether to only include "new" or "returning" registrants based on whether each person has also registered to a form for the previous season (if any).

Custom List

This input box lets you type or copy & paste email addresses to receive your eNewsletter. For example, you can copy a column of email addresses from an Excel spreadsheet or other source and simply paste them into the 'Custom List' section. Don't forget to tick the checkbox beside Your own list to ensure these addresses are included when you hit Send.

If you are an organisation using SuperForms, the Custom List area can be used to copy and paste in the email addresses from your Consolidated Report. This way you can send your eNewsletter to all members registered with your organisation and affiliated clubs and schools. To do this, first run the Registrants Consolidated Report . When you receive this CSV file, copy the list of email addresses in the Email field and paste them into the Custom List area. Tick the Your own list checkbox. Then Send.


Other tips

If you do not want a person from a database to receive the eNewsletter, go to your Online Registrations area and click into the database to view the list of people. Then untick the Email checkbox beside the person's name. This will exclude them from receiving your eNewletter.


Displaying eNewsletters on your Sporty website

A link can be added to your website for users to view eNewsletters in their web browser. After you have received your eNewsletter email, click on the link in the email to view it in your browser. 



You can now copy the URL of your eNewsletter.



On your Sporty website add a Button Widget. Here you can style your button and paste the link of your eNewsletter into the Link section. Click Save.



Then when you view the page in public view mode and click on the button, your eNewsletter will be displayed. 

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