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How to upload an eNewsletter header image


eNewsletter header images should be 601 pixels wide, but may be any height (although a height of 100 - 150 pixels is recommended).


  1. From the Dashboard, click on News and eNewsletters.
  2. Click Create eNewsletter (we're not creating one right now, but uploading it within this screen will save it for future use).
  3. Click the eNewsletter header button.
  4. Click Upload Custom Header.  Choose your image from your computer.
  5. Check the Yes checkbox under Use Custom Header.
  6. Click Close.

If you're not creating an eNewsletter at this time, you can exit by clicking Cancel.

If you'd like to see a preview of how it'll look, click Preview. (You must add some recipients first, but you don't have to send it.  Just click in the recipients area and check Site editors.)

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