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Photo Slideshow widget

To get started, click the Add Content button.

Select the Photo Slideshow widget from the Widget menu.

You are presented with the option to add images to your slideshow.  You must add at least one image to the Desktop mode.  You also have the option to display different images specifically for use on Mobile devices. If you do not set images for Mobile display, your Desktop images will be displayed instead. 

Click Add Images to add images.


You can now select images already uploaded to your site, or you can import new ones using Upload an Image. Select all the images you wish to be displayed and click Save.


Each image now appears with with 3 icons.


Click the Arrow icon to rearrange images using drag and drop. 

Click the Delete icon to remove the image from the slideshow.

Click the Settings Cog icon to apply a caption or set a link against the image when displayed on your site. When a user clicks the image, they will be directed to the link you have set. 


Alternatively, click Advanced Options to add one or two linked buttons to display on top of your image.  You can also choose to style and apply a Text overlay on top of your image.  



Click Save to apply your changes.  Continue to apply styling to each of the images in your slideshow by clicking the settings cog on top of each image as required. 

Click Layout to change the layout of your slideshow.  This tool allows you to fit the photo slideshow in with your website design.  If you select "Use image proportions", your images will be displayed as their actual size.


Click Display to modify how the images slideshow will appear on your site.

Because your images come in different sizes, you can choose to crop your images or scroll them in order to fit them into your desired aspect ratio.

You can also set icons to display on the images that will allow users to manually transition between each photo, and set the photos to appear in a random order.


Once saved, your Photo Slideshow will now display on your site based on the settings you have applied.


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