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The News Feed Widget

Display news on your website using the News Feed widget.

To get started, click the Add Content button.

Select the Newsfeed Widget from the Widget menu.

Here you can customize display options for your news articles. You can choose whether you want your news displayed in a List Layout or Grid Layout. Choose your Layout, check the items that you would like to display, select the number of articles you want displayed and click Save. 


List Layout:


Grid Layout:


It’s easy to add news articles to your news feed, simply click the Add Article button.

Here you can add a title for your article, either type in content or copy and paste. You can also insert media, for example, a tweet or a YouTube video into the body of the article. You can also attached an image or video for your article.

Once you have a collection of articles, they will display in the news feed section.

To display an article in expanded form, just add the News Article widget from the Widget menu.

Then select the article you wish to display.



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