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On a number of occasions in 2015 and 2016 all administrators of websites using and were emailed notice that these platforms would be shut down as part of a total service upgrade to The closure date has now passed and all websites on the old platforms are being deleted.

What do I need to do?

If your organisation has already shifted to a website on the platform and you are happy for your old website on the or platform to be deleted, then you do not need to take any action.

However, if you are reading this article because you were unable to login to one of these old platforms, you must now TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION because your old website is about to be deleted.

A new website has already been created for every sports association, club and school on the platform. If your web address on the old platform was say then your new address will be If you are unsure, you can find your organisation by searching for it here. Your existing username and password should allow you to login to your new website at If not, please contact

Note that all content from your old website was automatically transferred across for you in July 2016. However, if you have continued to update your old website since then, you will need to trigger a fresh transfer of content to ensure your recent changes are not lost (instructions are here). Alternatively, you can simply update your new site manually if you prefer.

What does it cost to upgrade?

Nothing. It’s free to upgrade.

Why has the service been upgraded?

The new platform is built using the latest technology and is fully responsive for mobile phones. It also includes a free Mobile App for improved communication with your community. offers full flexibility in the layout of pages, letting you drag & drop content wherever you want it. It includes smart features such as ‘Address auto-complete’ for people using your online forms. And it is integrated with Xero for accounting and with KAMAR for schools using this SMS. offers many other enhancements such as an optional ‘Members only’ area and unlimited photo galleries. It also allow multiple administrators to be logged in at the same time. This two minute video demonstrates how easy the platform is to use: and there are some great examples of active organisations at

Can I get help?

Yes, there is comprehensive online help at or you can email or phone 0900 777 876 (calls cost $1.99/minute to contribute towards the cost of telephone support).

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