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How to invite your database to re-register (local forms only)


This article will outline how to invite your database to re-register for a new season.  NOTE this is for forms that you have created - not official forms for NZ Rugby or netball centres (SuperForms).

Step 1 - Copy the form for the new season

You must create a new Form for the new season - this can easily be done by copying the last season's Form and assigning it to the following season.

Click on the copy button for the Form (see image below).



A small dialogue box will appear, with a checkbox saying "Assign copied form to following season?"  Leave this checked to link the forms, and click Confirm.

A new form will have been created, exactly the same, but in the next season.

Step 2 - Update the new form

Update this new form with the new season's details (see How to edit a form).

Be sure that the form's start date and end date are correct so that it is available at the right time.

Step 3 - Invite the database to register on the new form

Next, invite the database to register on the new form by clicking the mail icon on the OLD FORM - the form that already has a database of registrants - not the new form.



Check that the details are correct in the dialogue box that appears, then click Send email.

This will invite the database to register on the new form, as it is linked to the old form.

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