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How to invite your database to re-register for the new season - Official forms (Superforms)

If your organisation uses Superforms, for example, NZ Rugby and netball centres there is an easy way to send a group email that gives each person their own unique link to re-register for the new season.

Go to Dashboard > Online Registrations > then click on the email email icon beside the PREVIOUS seasons registration form ie. in 2017 you will want to invite the 2016 database to re-register.


This displays the group email page. You can alter the text that gets sent with each email. For example, you may wish to include information about your season start dates, registration fees, or contact information. When you are ready, click the button ‘Send email’ and each person from last season will receive the email, including their own unique link to your online registration form for the new season, already filled out for them with their last known details from last season.

When people click the link in their email, they can update their details, make payment (if you have enabled this option) and submit their registration online. They will automatically be emailed a copy of the details they submitted. Importantly, they will now appear in your member database for the new season, awaiting your approval there. View them by clicking on your database for the new season.

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